Thursday, February 27, 2014

Honey Bee Varroa Mite Solution

Will Hypoaspis miles mites eat the bee mites? The mite is used in nurseries and greenhouses to protect plants from predatory insects. They have been used to control the fungus gnat and thrip pupae and for black vine weevil control. They have also been used by pet suppliers to control crab mites, snake mites and rat mites. Now they are being investigated for control of varroa mite in honey bees. So far, the news is very promising.  Where the Hypoaspis miles mites are introduced the bee behavior changes. They go towards these mites. They want the H. Mite on them.  Parts of varroa mites are found littering the sticky board after the H. mite is introduced. No whole varroa mites, just bits and pieces of varroa mites are found after introducing the Hypoaspis miles mites. Also when comparing the chemical controlled hives with the Hypoaspis hives, the Hypoaspis hives were more hygenic, more vigorous and produced more honey than the chemical controlled hives. The varroa mite was not obliterated in the bio controlled hive but was no longer a problem for the bees. (This H. mite may also control the small hive beetle.) Watch this video to learn more!

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