Thursday, December 18, 2014

Global Weather Change is Just a Symptom

Today I am looking at the whole issue of global weather change. Many folks are arguing about this.  I am on the sidelines watching. Today I am thinking about this argument and focusing on it through my training as a physician. I think we should stop focusing on this symptom and get to the cause of the matter.

As a physician, I am appalled at our medical system in the United States. It is a system that treats disease, not the human individual before them. It is a system that treats symptoms. This medical system is not set up to actively engage the "patient" and help them heal.  It is more about finding the right drug or drugs to alleviate the symptoms that are bothering the individual seeking assistance.

Medicine should be an investigative effort. It should focus on the cause of ailments. By getting bogged down in the symptoms, we forget that there is an individual before us who will never get well if we do not figure out the CAUSE of their symptoms.

Now, many folks do not want to look at the cause. To find a cause can be hard work. It is much easier to treat a symptom. So, if it is easier you may ask, "Why not just treat the symptom?" Well, you may need to do this to save a life or treat a symptom short term, but if you do not find the cause of their ailment, you are simply hiding the problem temporarily. New symptoms will appear due to not treating the cause, or your current treatment of the symptom will stop working. So, I have learned in medicine, to always look for the cause so the patient can really begin healing. 

This is how I approach most problems in life. If I burn my hand while cooking, treating the wound with a fresh aloe leaf is necessary for quick healing, but next time I will use a potholder to prevent this from happening. The cause in this instance being a lack of protection on the hand. If I just keep treating burns on my hand rather than treating the cause of the burns, I will end up with some really gnarly hands.

So, back to weather change on this planet. There is a lot of argument about this and I just don't get it. People are dealing with food that is being genetically engineered, sprayed with all sorts of toxic chemicals, the old growth forests that are the lungs of the earth and providers of many medicines and keepers of untold other jewels are disappearing quickly, we live in buildings built with toxic materials that make people sick, the soil is being depleted of the minerals necessary to give us  health, the air is not always fit to breath, the water is not always fit to drink, drugs for symptoms have replaced true healing, love and compassion are being eroded away by politicians and others who benefit by pitting us against each other. I could go on, but I will not. These are the real causes of our anguish on the planet.

What if rather than talking about the symptoms, we take that same energy spent arguing about global weather change and focus that energy on very real problems in front of us. Looking at symptoms of our bad choices is not getting anything really accomplished. 

Additionally, we also need to be careful of trying to take on everything all at once, as I see this overwhelm people and they become apathetic. When we start considering all the issues that face us and let them all monopolize our thoughts,  it really is easy to get overwhelmed.

We need to focus on planetary problems we are most passionate about. That is how we can make real  change. We also need to realize that other people working on different projects to heal our planet are in a sense a part of a global team with us. Even if we focus on one issue such as providing healthy food, we know our sisters and brothers are working on the other issues. Look around, this is already happening. I tell my students who are overwhelmed and feel they can't contribute, to simply pick one area that they are deeply moved by. If they have many of these, I then tell them to pick the one they are most passionate about and can be the most effective in. If your are fed up with genetically modified food, then work towards all food being healthy. Put your time into teaching others to garden organically, work towards labeling GMO food, talk to store owners about changes they could make to serve their community better, work towards creating laws that will support healthy farming practices in your area. Educate people about the dangers of glyphosate, 2-4 D and other chemicals that are in/on many conventional foods. Educate people about their ability to control the world around them via what they purchase. If we stop buying GMO foods laden with glyphosate, 2-4 D, or other chemically laden foods no one will be growing them. By refusing to buy disease promoting food and choosing to buy organic, healthy food we change the whole food production system. 

I focus on education a lot as it is my belief that a well informed person will make a good choice for all of us. As you are learning how to live healthier, teach others. You do not have to know everything about the subject. Just teach what you know to those who need to hear about it. I agree with Richard Bach when he wrote in his book Illusions, "We teach best, those things we need to learn most." If you are teaching others what you know, you will find it is the best reason to learn everything there is to know about a subject. The more you learn, the more you can be of service to those you teach. Eventually, you will be surprised at what you know. By they way, I am always open to learning from folks who do not agree with me. Sometimes it is hard to listen, but if we only hear views we agree with, how can we really examine reality and get a more inclusive view of the world.

So, look around you. What do you see as issues? Perhaps it is the fighting amongst nations, and amongst various groups of people. There seems to be focus on groups of people pointing fingers at each other nowadays and people taking up sides verbally, and physically. Perhaps this is something you see as an important issue to address. So, is this a cause or symptom.  I see this as a symptom of a deeper issue. Some people on the planet are quick to make accusations and jump to conclusions, point fingers and fight. The Dalai Lama had a great answer for this symptom when I was listening to him yesterday. He said we need more love and compassion and suggested that we start teaching love and compassion in the schools. Education at home and at school on how to be more loving and compassionate really could go a long ways in changing the planet. I know for myself the practice of meditation/prayer is helpful to keep me in sync with love vibes and being a compassionate person. I think engaging in any type of quiet inward looking behaviors helps us to be more loving and compassionate. Then taking those feelings out into the world to serve others really lets that love and compassion grow.

Monday, December 8, 2014

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Genetic Roulette, the Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M. Smith.  This book has page after page of referenced studies and research linking 65 specific health risks to foods Americans are eating every day. 
Because SAFE eating relies on INFORMED eating!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Glyphosate (RoundUp), The Cause of Autism, Inflammatory Gut Diseases and More

I published a review on the wonderful research article on glyphosate (RoundUp)  in 2013. If you did not read that review, you can find it here. You know how much I hate glyphosate and the fact that conventional food is swimming in it, so when I saw one of the research writers of this article had a YouTube video on glyphosate, I thought I should share it with you. It just happens to be Stephanie Sennef who's cholesterol and statin data I published yesterday. Additionally, Don Huber gives a lecture on the bottom. He is an amazing soil scientist and you will have your jaw drop when you listen to what he has to say. 

By the way, one of my readers advised me to remind you all to do your Holiday shopping via the link on the right side of my page which helps to financially support this blog. They told me they forget to go through the link and needed a reminder themselves.

Here is a 2013 lecture Stephanie gave in August.

This interview on Glyphosate and Autism she gave in 2014  in August and she looks at Glyphosate and Aluminum in relation to Autism

This is a Jeffrey Smith Interview of Stephanie on Roundup.
I also suggest you listen to the soil scientist Don Huber here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cholesterol Myth

Some of you know I take issue with the whole cholesterol myth and use of statins. I had started to write up a paper for you on this in the past, but have never finished it. Well, someone else has. Stephanie Seneff (senior research scientist at MIT) has written a wonderful review of cholesterol and statins and you can find it at this link. She is the expert in this area and if you want to know more on cholesterol and statins, she is the one to pay attention to.

She explains the protective role of cholesterol in the body, why we need it to function and what happens when we do not have enough cholesterol. She also examines the dangers of statins. If you are taking statins or know someone who is, I suggest you read this article.  You probably do know folks on statins as 25% of the American populace is on a statin. More money is spent on statins in the United States than any other drug. She feels statins are too toxic for anyone to be taking. (In my opinion she is a mental giant.)

Additionally, Stephanie was interview by Dr. Mercola on statins and you can view it here.

Another interview that relates to cholesterol sulfate and heart disease is here. This is another interview of Stephanie Seneff.

If you want to know more on cholesterol, I suggest you check out this long list of research articles by Dr Ravnskov. In the early days, his articles were published in prestigious medical journals but more recently since the rise of statin use the journals refuse to publish his data. In fact I never see anything published that puts statins in a bad light. However, you can see all his articles here. He also has a book on the cholesterol myth which is available from Amazon.

Ethnobotany Trip To Peru

Jill Stansbury is offering her Ethnobotany Trip to Peru again.  If interested in an amazing trip into the Peruvian culture and a week of learning about Peruvian herbs, check out the details below. I have known Jill for many years and can attest to her being an excellent teacher. I am sure it will be a fantastic learning experience.


July 20-30 2015 With Dr Jillian Stansbury
Join us in July of 2015 to explore the plants and the healing traditions of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon.
We will learn of healing traditions from Incan spiritualists and travel into the Amazon to see a great diversity of plants and visit with members of several indigenous communities.

July 20 – Meet in Cusco hotel Pension Alemana Wed morning, Intro talks and Welcome. Lunch, City Walk to plant museum and herb markets, introduction to unique plants. Dinner discussion, followed traditional Andean music.
July 21 – Early breakfast buffet, botanizing Andean plants on the way to sacred valley and back.  Lunch in Pisac, visit ruins and markets.  Cusco Dinner.
July 22 – Buffet breakfast at Hotel.  Van down to the Amazon basin, settle into ACA lodge.  Dinner at lodge and evening stroll to focus on identifying tropical plant families.
July 23 –Short travel to Hauchiperi Queros tribe.  Herb walk with Fredy, traditional meal, afternoon arts with tribe.  Dinner and evening to visit with the Hauchiperi community.
July 24 – Travel to Atalaya and motor boat to indigenous community of Shintuya.  Lunch and settle in at lodge, meet with Liborio of the Bora tribe, Alicia of the Matsigenka for herb study.  Evening song and storytelling of amazon shamanism.
July 25– Morning herb hike to waterfall with Liborio.  Lunch back at lodge.  Afternoon plant studies and discussions with Dr Stansbury and free time.  Dinner at lodge. Eve discussion of indigenous healing ways with guests.
July 26 – Boat back to Pilcopata, Afternoon herb and tropical food preparation demos. Masato, Agua de Cocona, Aguaje
July 27 – Day at ACA lodge medicinal garden, jungle trails. 
July 28 – Van back to Cuzco.  View Cock of the Rock Birds on the way.  Lunch at Wayquecha research station in Cloud forest.  Late dinner at hotel.
July 29 - Breakfast at hotel.  Day trip with Incan shaman Kush. Coca Ceremony and offering to Pachamama, Late lunch at Trout Farm and closing.  Free evening.
July 30 – Breakfast at Hotel, AM Check out.  Preparation day for those preparing to hike the Inca trail or travel on.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Near Death Experience

A website called Streaming For the Soul has a lovely lecture by Prana Miller on his near death experience that you may enjoy. I suggest you skip by the first 20-25 minutes as the lecture does not start until then. Click here for the link. I have heard a number of near death experiences over the years and this is definitely one of my favorites. I think you will find the information valuable and if nothing else it is always good to be reminded of the nature of reality.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

7 Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind From Bruce Lipton

This is a one hour interview from 8/14. If you enjoyed the last Bruce Lipton video, you will like this one too. If you want to see more from Bruce, go to his website.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Is

We are alone but not lonely
When we are alone
We are all-one

Within the one all exists

It is in those moments when we are alone
When we delve deep inside of our being
That all becomes evident
All that exists becomes visible
We become all that exists
We become Every-One

Once upon a time there was an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being.

Is was all there was.

There was no other than Is.

Is was everywhere.

Is knew all there was to know.

Is had always existed.

Is was all there was for eternity. This might have been all there ever was BUT, In one of the infinite moments of foreverness, Is realized s/he was all-one (alone.) Is had never considered aloneness before. Is wondered who s/he was and where s/he came from and what was this “being”. S/he recognized her all-oneness (aloneness) and wanted another to be with. S/he thought there surely must be more than mere existence.

Just as a lonely child will play by themselves, Is did the same. S/he pretended parts of Is were separate from other parts of Is. It was similar to using your two hands as puppets and having them interact with each other. Out of this game, time and space were created. 

Space was necessary for Is to separate her/his-self into parts that could interact with one another. Of course when you create space, you also create time. It takes time to travel through space from one point to the other. So began the creation of space-time. 

Is spiraled out from her/him-self into the newly created cosmos of space-time. S/he spiraled out so far and so deep that s/he no longer recognized her/him-self. Creation upon creation was made. Each creation more glorious than before and all creations being given the ability to evolve into something else. No creation being static. 

So began the grandest experience of all. A game with past, present and future, with yin and yang, with good and bad. A game that the Is became so adept at playing s/he forgot she was playing a game. S/he forgot she was playing the game until her creations got her attention when they began to become aware of her existence. 

They became aware they were undeniably part of this great being. Some found they could connect with Is and view existence from her/his infinite point of view. As more and more of her/his creations realized their connection to Is and became aware of her/him, Is also became aware of them as a part of Is.  Is remembered the creations were not separate from Is. In that moment of remembering, s/he became aware of all creation and at the moment of that awareness, all space and time ceased to exist. In that moment of recognition, all existence became still. All became one with the great being as s/he recognized all as her/his-self and the grand game s/he was playing. Once again s/he was alone, all-one.

S/he was all there was.

There was no other than Is.

Is was everywhere.

Is knew all there was to know.

Is had always existed.