Friday, September 17, 2010

Why this blog was created.

Join me in dreaming a better world. Together we create our future. It all starts with a dream. The dream gives birth to new visions and new ideas. We turn those visions and ideas into plans for the future. We turn those plans into actions. To take action we break the actions into simple steps to get from where we are now to where we wish to be. These simple steps allow us to create reality out of our dreams.

This blog has been created to give you the tools to turn our shared dreams into reality. This blog is for those of you who wish to build a world where the earth is recognized as a beautiful living organism and all of life is cherished. It is for those who wish to live sustainably, and in harmony with the other beings on this planet. It is for those who are looking for the tools to realize our goals.

 This blog gives you tools on:
 1) Caring for ourselves and the earth through the use of sustainable gardening techniques (they will encompass many techniques such as organics, permaculture, and biodynamic gardening/farming. Followed with ways to preserve these foods we grow.
 2) Information on important political activities taking place that effect us all and that we can do something about.
 3) The care of small farm animals such as chickens and goats.
 4) Information on how to care for ones self, family and animals through nutrition, exercise, herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, sun, rest, meditation/prayer and playing.
 5) Other methods of being self-sufficient and ways to become better planetary stewards as well as passing on inspirational information to help us on our path to becoming enlightened beings.