Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Believe in Yourself

Today’s social political world has become a complicated entangled mass of deceit that many people just want to tune out of. In today’s world there are many people trying to get your attention. Many people trying to lead you down a path for their own gain. How can you know when the path you are contemplating is a good path, a path that will bring love and joy to your life?  You can be sure you are on the right path by using your Supersensory Methods. Use these methods to help guide yourself to other people who are speaking truth and lead you to situations that will bring joy to your heart.

Supersensory Methods

To use supersensory methods be in the now:

Open to

When getting to know your supersensory self there are times when you will question the information you are getting. If there is question in your heart, be careful.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Your body is wise and insightful. Our body stores memories, and gives us information from other areas than just the brain.

Gut insights: Sometimes you get gut feelings about things. Learn to trust them, there is much truth to be found in our gut insights. A gut insight is usually sudden and intense and can pack a powerful punch of emotion. If we ignore it, our guts can belabor this lack of attention and become cranky and give us much strife. A cranky gut becomes a chronically inflamed gut.

Heart Knowing: This is a type of wisdom that is heart based. Think of the times you have said to your self or someone else, “I know in my heart this is true.” Your heart does not mislead you. It is our heart that guides us best. It is our heart where love resides. Love is the greatest power and is that which connects us deeply to all other living beings.

Instant knowledge: This type of knowing is like a computer download into your mind. Suddenly spirit gives you this tremendous amount of information. It may seem to come directly from other than spirit such as angels or spirit guides. Remember, Spirit has an infinite number of messengers and speaks in mysterious ways.

Inner hearing: This type of hearing is not usually one of directly hearing voices. It is as if you heard a voice but actually you did not, you just got the message. If you are walking around and suddenly out of the blue, remember something you had not actually known previously or feel like you just got a new message, you did.  Pay attention to it.

Dreaming: You are often visited in your dreams, meditations and prayers. If you ask for guidance in your dreams, it will be there.

Messages From Others: Often we get messages from loved ones, friends and strangers. Notice when coincidences happen. Notice when you someone starts talking to you about something that has been on your mind. Spirit uses others to tell use things we need to hear. Consider these messages carefully. Don't ignore them. 

All of nature speaks the language of spirit! Go out and immerse yourself in nature.