Friday, September 23, 2011

Dan Rather Honey Bee Report

This fantastic Dan Rather report on the honey bees and the damage done to the honey bees by neonicotinoid pesticides can be seen by clicking below on As we suspected all along current research is continuing to validate our thoughts on the neonicotinoids along with other pesticides causing colony collapse disorder as well as general ill health amongst the honey bees.

In this report, the companies making neonicotinoids claim the systemic neonicotinoids are safer for humans as they use less of them on the plants. This conclusion is not necessarily true. Neonicotinoids are used as systemics with particular efficacy against sucking insects and they have a long residual activity. They may not be spraying them as often as they use to BUT, that is because they don't need to. The pesticide remains in the plant for a long time. If a pesticide is systemic in the plant and lasts in that plant for a long time, how much of this insecticide remains in the plants when people eat them?  Any amount is too much to me!