Friday, November 4, 2011

Where to Begin Creating Community

Many people are overwhelmed by how many problems are going on in the world. They are unsure where to begin. Some simply don't begin as they are unsure where or how to begin. Perhaps you are not overwhelmed but you know neighbors, family or friends who are. You can help yourself and them by gathering together to support each others goals and dreams. It can start very simply and become a very powerful part of your life.

Gather your friends and neighbors together in a small group. (You decide how many to invite.)

How to Begin: Ask each person to discuss what is important in their lives. What gives them joy? What is it they are doing with their lives and what do they want to be doing with their lives. What are they doing to follow their dreams?  Have them think about it for a few minutes before everyone starts sharing. Listen carefully to what your neighbors, family and friends say. Hold their words and dreams within you and think about how you might help them to pursue their goals and dreams. They will do the same for you. You will find many positive and unimagined outcomes from this. Even if you already support your family, friends and neighbors you will find this group sharing will bring up new ideas, new connections, new ways to help each other, new revelations ... that  were not there before. Decide on when to gather together again.

Getting to know your neighbors: These are important people to get to know.  You will find if you gather with folks who live around you that you will find many shared interests and multiple ways you can make your world better by simply begining to share ideas and dreams with each other.

Focus on dreams of a beautiful world at these gatherings of friends, family and neighbors: Look to how you want your life and the world to be. Share these ideas with friends, family and neighbors. When you share your thoughts, ask them to consider how you can create the world you desire. Share your ideas with them on how they can make their dreams of a more beautiful life and world come true. Support each other with words and actions as you are able.