Sunday, March 25, 2012

Obesity - Hungry For A Change

A new movie has been released and is available free until March 31st called, Hungry For a Change. I viewed it and think that it is a wonderful movie for anyone to watch who is obese or has a family member or friend with an obesity problem. It is also a great movie for practitioners to suggest their obese patients watch.

A few of the ideas it covers are:

• Diets do not work, so don't bother. Diets make you fat.

• MSG is in 80% of prepared food products and it makes you fat. MSG is used in research to fatten rats.

• Diet drinks make you fat as they cause you to crave carbohydrates.

• Diet Cola kills brain cells.

• Aspartame in diet drinks and other diet foods has been shown to cause many health disorders including migraines, impaired vision, cognitive problems, MS type symptoms etc.

• Lack of sleep causes obesity as you are unable to metabolize stress hormones when you don't get enough sleep. 

• Obesity is a solution to chronic stress, sadness, trauma, or drama. People turn to comfort food as a solution to the stress.

• Using visualization of how you want to look gives your unconscious brain the symbols it needs to change what your unconscious is telling you to do so you can be healthy and happy.

• If you are obese your body is starving for nutrients. Give your body those nutrients by juicing veggies. Soon, you will not crave the foods you use to crave.

You may already know all these things if you are a practitioner or avid researcher/reader. However, you may have a friend, family member or patient who needs to watch this. It was put together very well and is uplifting and gives the obese person hope as well as tools to make changes in their lives to lead them towards a healthier and thinner life. 

You can view this movie through March 31st at two different web addresses.
Mercola's website.
The Hungry For A Change website (you will need to sign up - for free here.)