Thursday, January 3, 2013

Balance Point

I was recently given a book called Balance Point by Joseph Jenkins. It was sent as a gift along with a composting toilet system I had purchased.  I thought I would start the new year off by sharing this book with you. It is a fun to read book with a great message. It is the story of one mans path that leads him to an understanding of the imminent ecological collapse in front of us if our society continues to act as parasites upon the planet rather than learning to live in sustainable coexistence. 

Many of the events which were mind altering, new ideas for the writer at the time it was written in 2000, may be ideas you and I already understand today in 2013. Still, I immensely enjoyed reading the book and would advise you to get it if not for yourself, then family and friends.  It is a fun, quick read and I realized I had a little gold mine in my hands as I finished it. I thought of all the family members, and neighbors I know who don't understand what is taking place on the planet and I realized this book would be a perfect way to introduce them to concepts that are foreign to some of them. Concepts that we all need to understand before any real change will take place.

My favorite way to give people insightful, mind altering books who are neighbors or acquaintances is to mail it to them or leave it in their mail box with no notes attached. Some of these folks have mentioned books given to them in conversations. I always let it remain a mystery as to where the book came from. Somehow the magic of the book appearing in their life seems significant to them and I delight in being a secret part of their experience. Please feel free to copy my method of dispersing books. It is a very enjoyable method of giving gifts out.

You can purchase this book  directly from the author at his site where he also provides directions on how to make a humanure composting toilet as well as sells them. That site is here.