Monday, January 27, 2014

Peppergrass - Cardamine spp.

This is a Cardamine spp. It is in the mustard family, or in latin called the brassicaceae family. I have not keyed it out so I am unsure of the species. It is called by many common names around here. Peppergrass, Pepper cress, Pepper weed etc.  It is abundant and edible. It tastes similar to watercress and can be used as such. In the Willamette Valley it is most abundant in the early spring. The leaves, flowers and seeds can all be eaten. They are spicy and add a nice bite to your salad, scrambled eggs or other dishes where you want a peppery addition. When the new leaves first appear (now), it is mildly spicy. As the season proceeds it gets more spicy. Now is when the leaves are the most tender and I enjoy them as I would arugula in my salad, sandwich or thrown on top of a pasta dish etc.