Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Self Contemplation & Meditation/Prayer

In our hectic and sometimes overwhelming world, we need to have a calm spot to go to for strength and awareness of what is really important.

With the tools of meditation/prayer and self contemplation we can see ourselves for who you we really are. We can see beyond the immediate to the greater part of ourself where true knowledge is available. Through self contemplation and meditation we grow closer to an understanding of ourself, others, and the nature of reality. This helps us to be calm and make good decisions in our every day lives.

Self Contemplation
Self contemplation is a constant observance of our daily activities. Simply an awareness of what we do, think and feel throughout our day. A quiet watching of what we do, how we react, what we think and feel. Through self contemplation we become more understanding, more loving, and more involved. If we want to grow as an individual, self contemplation is the best tool we have. 

Simply taking 20 minutes from our day to be quiet in meditation/prayer we become healthier, and wiser and more likely to acknowledge and understand our connection to the "bigger picture." Giving ourselves time for our inner world, helps us to connect to our outer world.

You do not have to sit in a certain way, or do anything special. Simply, retreat to your inner self and watch your thoughts, consider a higher power, or imagine yourself without physical boundaries. There are as many ways to be quiet and meditate/pray as there are people. In fact some people find certain activities to be very meditative/prayerful. Sitting and watching the sun rise or the sun set or laying beneath the stars at night quietly contemplating nature are a few examples. These activities can lead to deep states of prayer/meditation.

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