Monday, December 1, 2014

Cholesterol Myth

Some of you know I take issue with the whole cholesterol myth and use of statins. I had started to write up a paper for you on this in the past, but have never finished it. Well, someone else has. Stephanie Seneff (senior research scientist at MIT) has written a wonderful review of cholesterol and statins and you can find it at this link. She is the expert in this area and if you want to know more on cholesterol and statins, she is the one to pay attention to.

She explains the protective role of cholesterol in the body, why we need it to function and what happens when we do not have enough cholesterol. She also examines the dangers of statins. If you are taking statins or know someone who is, I suggest you read this article.  You probably do know folks on statins as 25% of the American populace is on a statin. More money is spent on statins in the United States than any other drug. She feels statins are too toxic for anyone to be taking. (In my opinion she is a mental giant.)

Additionally, Stephanie was interview by Dr. Mercola on statins and you can view it here.

Another interview that relates to cholesterol sulfate and heart disease is here. This is another interview of Stephanie Seneff.

If you want to know more on cholesterol, I suggest you check out this long list of research articles by Dr Ravnskov. In the early days, his articles were published in prestigious medical journals but more recently since the rise of statin use the journals refuse to publish his data. In fact I never see anything published that puts statins in a bad light. However, you can see all his articles here. He also has a book on the cholesterol myth which is available from Amazon.