Thursday, August 4, 2016

Phone App to Boycott GMOs

I realize many of you reading this do not eat GMOs and probably eat only organic food. However, you have friends, family and neighbors who do eat this stuff. They may not want to eat GMOs, but they are not sure how to know if their food has GMOs or not. Often, they are unable to put the effort into educating themselves as they do not have the time to learn which foods are safe. They may feel going completely organic is not possible for a variety of reasons.  Organic Consumers Association has come to their rescue by creating a phone App that will let them know. Anyone wanting to boycott GMOs or simply wanting to eat better should use this App if they  have a cell phone. It will help them choose safe foods.  Send this link to everyone you know. Friends, family, co-workers and your neighbors.

We may not be able to get our political representatives to supply a good GMO labeling bill, but we can refuse to buy GMOs if we know how to spot them. We can stop then dead in their path if we simply do not buy their toxic food. 

When you go shopping for food, you can use this app to scan food labels and see if you should boycott it or not. This link will take you to the Organic Consumers Association page with the cellphone App.