Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Power Of Herbal Products is in Their Spiritual Roots

It is easy to get bogged down in science and dissect things into their physical parts. However, looking at bits of matter does not shed light on the true essence or power behind that which we are observing.

Every plant on this planet is a spiritual creation. When you plant an herbal seed or tend an herbal garden you are in co-creation with spirit to create living matter. Those gardeners intimately aware of and engaged in this co-creation, garden as enlightened gardeners. All matter is imbued with the essence of Creator. There is no thing in creation that is not of spirit including our precious medicinal herbs. Every herb has within it the presence of Creator giving it life and form. 

Although many consider the physical constituents when preserving an herb in the form of an elixir, tincture salve or other vehicles of healing, it is the vibratory essence of spirit that is the true force of nature behind the healing abilities of each herb. It is this quality that is infused into our herbal products during the co-creation process of making a preserved herbal product. There is both spirit permeating the herb as a living being and the co-creation with spirit that we are actively engaged with as we make the herbal product. Being aware of this co-creative process and immersing oneself into it fully allows the vitality of the herb to come shining through as a true healing agent for those who experience the herb's ultimate therapeutic effects.