Monday, May 28, 2018

Ramp up Your Frequency For Better Health

Many people recognize that prayer/meditation helps them achieve a state of spirit, mind, emotion and body that they equate with good health.

However, I find many people do not take me seriously when I tell them they can use prayer/meditation to relieve aches and pains, lessen or even remove illness from their daily life. They may agree intellectually that it is a good idea, or they may say they have read about research supporting such an idea, but they don't take the steps to actually make prayer/meditation a daily routine. They would rather take a pill or tea or something that seems more tangible to them. 

The reason prayer/meditation is so powerful is very simple.

Everything is an emanation of Creator. Spirit created us out of the only thing that exists, which is the very stuff that Creator is made of. We are all bits of Creator manifested in physical form. In reality these particles of Creator are in contact with Spirit at all times. Currently we are manifesting in a dense form with slow/long vibrational wavelengths that keeps us from fully recognizing our connection to spirit. When we pray/meditate on/with Creator and recognize our eternal connection with Spirit, we synchronize with a higher state of existence. We change our frequency to a more refined state. Many people find they can loose their aches and pains or apparent signs and symptoms of illness while in prayer/meditation. The more they pray/meditate the longer this seems to last. Some people find their illness fades into oblivion as the individual raises their frequency above the density that had allowed for that illness. They have moved themselves a bit closer to Creator's frequency.

Now, I can't tell you that this will always work to remove an illness. Sometimes, our illness is necessary for us to learn and experience something that is important to our growth. Sometimes illness is a tool in our lives for change. When it is a necessary part of our experience in this physical manifestation, daily prayer/meditation will often shine a light on this fact, and make this knowledge apparent and acceptable where we might have been in opposition to it before.

For the person who whole heartedly uses prayer/meditation daily and immerses themselves into it, miraculous changes can take place.