Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cell Phones - Are they Causing Serious Harm

Cell Phones Appear to Be Causing Harm

In 2011 the World Health Organization decided use of cell phones was a probable carcinogen risk.

Most people don't seem to know this. For some reason most people do not know the additional data below either.

Cellphones are two-way microwave radios that should not be kept on the body. Look at the legal data that comes with your smart phone and you will find they warn you of this. The data is buried in your phone, so you might have to look for it. However, it is there as they are attempting to protect themselves from litigation.

Cellphone use is associated with odd types of breast cancers for women who keep cellphones in their bra.

Cellphones kept in men's pant pockets have been found to be causal for significant decreased sperm count. Studies also show damage to sperm in addition to lower sperm count.

Studies in Europe show that people who used cell phones heavily for over ten years have a doubled risk of brain cancer, and those who begin using cell phones as teenagers have a four to five times higher chance of being diagnosed with brain cancer.

If you put a mobile phone that is operating in a honey bee hive, the workers will not come back to the hive. Could the mobile phone radiation or tower radiation be affecting the bees?

Women who have higher use of cell phones during pregnancy have more miscarriages than those who have less cell phone use.

Scientists in Korea have found something called Digital Dementia in children. They report that children who are heavy technology users have brains that are underdeveloped on the right side. This has been characterized by memory loss, attention disorders, lack of eye contact, lack of empathy, and difficulty feeling or showing emotions.  As a result the Korean government is instituting programs to reduce uses and exposures especially to young children.

Other countries have laws limiting the amount of radiation that can come from towers, laws regarding cell phone use for children and in schools, laws for safe headsets etc. No laws to protect people from cell phone radiation have been passed in the United States though. 

For more data on cell phones, go to the Environmental Health Trust. I also suggest you watch Dr. Debra Davis' YouTube presentation.