Thursday, December 20, 2018

Toxic Biosludge Solution

Most of you probably know what toxic biosludge is, but if not, here is some background data. There is also a documentary link listed below which I suggest you watch.

Toxic sewage sludge is being used as compost to grow conventionally grown food. It is sold as compost in a store near you, and growers around you may be using it unless they are organic. Did you buy a bag of non-organic compost? If so, sewage sludge may be in it. Currently it does not have to be labeled as such. What went into its making? Well, everything that goes in the toilet or down the drain. That would be 80,000 synthetic chemicals, bacteria and viruses, legal and illegal drugs, run off from roads, hospital waste, etc.

How To Solve the Toxic Sewage Sludge Issue

• Label biosludge - Ask your senator to support the "Act" I share with you below.

• Create a healthier manner of handling human waste (urine and feces). See details below.

A Bill To Label Biosludge

You can ask your congress person to cosponsor "The Sewage Sludge in Food Production Consumer Notification Act" here. Tell your friends and family to notify their congressional representative also.

An Alternative Method of Handling Human Waste

As a society, do we really want to be spreading all these drugs, and other chemicals all over United States on our beautiful soil? Do we want to kill off the natural healthy microbiome of the soil everywhere? Do we want to continue polluting our water ways and ourselves? We   need to come up with better methods to get rid of our waste. What if we could turn it into something that would beautify the world? I would suggest you read the book called "Humanure". (I suggested this years ago and hope you read it then, but if not I implore you to read it now!) This book will give you a completely different idea of how human waste could be handled and how to take these horrible pollutants out of our rivers. This method of composting human waste would revolutionize our sewage system. It is simple and doable for much of the population. It could even be done on a city wide basis if as a society we examined this thoughtfully and with an open mind. Please read this wonderful book that thoroughly explains how to compost humanure safely on a small scale and the science behind it. Reading this book will change how you think of composting and how you think of human waste. The third edition of the paperback can be purchased at Amazon. Do something for yourself and the planet by reading this book.

The kindle edition is also available.

If you want to know more about biosludge check out this documentary here.

Names of Products that May Contain Biosludge. Is your Compost listed here?

  • Agresoil (MA)
  • All-Gro (Synagro)
  • A&M Composting plant, owned by J. P. Mascaro & Sons (Lancaster, PA) ComPro (Washington, D.C)
  • Amend (Kellogg Garden Products, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Bay State Fertilizer (Boston, MA)
  • CompostT (Pennsylvania)
  • Chesapeake Sunshine
  • ComPro (Washington, D.C.)
  • Dillo Dirt (Austin, TX)
  • EarthBlends (New York City, a product of Synagro, sold by WeCare subsidiaries)
  • Earthlife (New England, a product of New England Organics)
  • EarthMate (Philadelphia, PA)
  • EKO Compost (Missoula, MT-  Lewiston plant on Idaho-Wahington border) 
  • Glacier Gold (Olney, MT)
  • Granulite (Synagro)
  • Gromulch (Kellogg Garden Products, Los Angeles, CA) 
  • GroCo (King Co, Seattle, WA)
  • Growers' Blend by Earthwise Organics (a Synagro subsidiary)
  • Hawk Ridge (Maine)
  • Hou-Actinite (Houston, TX)
  • Landscapers' Advantage (Camden, NJ)
  • Kellogg Nitrohumus, Gromulch, Amend and Topper (Kellogg Garden Products, Los Angeles, CA)
  • MetroGro (Madison, WI)
  • Milorganite (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Mine Mix (Philadelphia, PA)
  • N-Viro Soil
  •  N-Viro BioBlend
  • Nutri-Green (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • ORGRO (Baltimore, MD, Veolia Water North America) 
  • Natural Soils Products (Good Springs, PA)
  • New England Fertilizer Company (North Quincy, Massachusetts)
  • New England Organics
  • New York Organic Fertilizer Company (NYC pellets, a Synagro companyLL
  • Oceangro (NJ)
  • PocoNite (Sumter, SC)
  • SilviGrow (Seattle, WA)
  • SoundGro (Pierce County, WA)
  • TAGRO (Tacoma, WA)
  • TOPGRO (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Unity Fertilizer (Unity Envirotech LLC, Florida-baded)
  • WeCare Compost (NY)
If your product is listed above and does not carry biosludge or has removed it, please notify us. If we have left out products that should be on the list, please notify us also.

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