Tuesday, March 19, 2019

GMO Canola Rearing Its Head In Oregon Again

Back in 2012 we fought to keep GMO Canola out of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. The fact that the Canola was GMO was not even discussed with government officials at that time, as back in 2012 talking about glyphosate (RoundUp) and GMOS was like talking about aliens landing and those of us talking about such things were not to be taken seriously. So, the tiny group of anti-GMO folks joined up with the specialty seed growers who also wanted to keep any type of Canola out of the valley, as it cross pollinates their crops, and they can't sell the seed. There was some dirty business going on with our politicians but we persisted and at least got a compromise that gave 500 acres with some other safety precautions to the Canola growers who wanted to grow in the Valley. However, the ruling will sunset in July and this has created a flurry of bills to be proposed that will continue the limits on Canola production in the Valley. This includes both bills only on limitation of the Canola such as (SB 885, HB 3026 and HB 3219) as well as genetically engineered liability bills, SB 434 and HB 2882. 
Please tell your Oregon representatives that you want them to support these bills. Please take a look here at "Cultivate Oregon" for additional data. Times have changed and we all know how bad RoundUp Ready Canola and other forms of genetically engineered food can be to our health and the planets health. Now, when we talk to our reps about genetically engineered food they will listen. So, please send them an email or call them about this issue.
1. It will devastate the specialty seed growers in the Willamette Valley if the Canola is not contained (I wish removed). At minimum we need to reinstate the ruling but really need a bill passed for protection.
2. We have to have liability laws on genetically engineered seeds to protect those who are harmed by them.

This is a close to home issue and your reps will listen!

Please go to this site and sign this petition that will be taken as testimony to Salem to keep Canola under control: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1h8BhmuBO0HdDEfjNh069duvgJpmstbTFGs7UImYPieI/viewform?ts=5c69dd0b&edit_requested=true 
The more who sign up, the more we will be taken seriously. I was intimately involved with this before and this list of names really does help the folks representing our best interests. Please give them a helping hand by showing our officials you support this.