Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fish oil capsules are being encased in a capsule made from farmed fish!

Fish oil from wild fish is a healthy oil to consume but I am concerned about the capsules many fish oils are starting to be encased in. One such capsule is called OceanCaps.  The capsugel (A leading manufacture of capsules.) website lists them as being made from farmed fish. I am sure you realize that farmed fish is not healthy for you plus farmed fish are an environmental concern. Farmed fish, on average, showed a level of polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, about seven times higher than that of wild fish. The average dioxin level in farm-raised salmon was 11 times higher than in wild salmon. This difference appears to be in what the fish eat. What they eat is also the reason farmed salmon meat is grey rather than reddish orange in color before they are artificially colored to look like wild salmon. The fish industry can change the fish food and in fact is planning to but guess what they plan to change it to. They plan to use genetically modified canola or soybean oils to include more omega-3 fatty acids and use that to replace at least some of the fish oil in the pellets fed to farmed fish. 

All I can say is you won't see me eating farmed fish or fish gelatin capsules made from farmed fish.

Although the "fish gelatin" used for these capsules has not been studied for contaminants that I know of, I am steering clear from any farmed fish product unless they really start feeding them healthy food. I suggest you don't get your fish oil in a capsule or gel cap anyway. It is more likely to be rancid.  Get your fish oil in a refrigerated bottled liquid form. It is best refrigerated to keep it from going rancid. Molecular distillation should be used on any fish oil you purchase to ensure it hase had impurities such as heavy metals, dioxides etc removed from the oil. (Even wild fish have pollutants. They are just in much less quantity than farmed fish. See below for links with more data.) Molecular distillation is a low heat method and should be done in a vacuum to further reduce the heat processing requirement so your oil does not go rancid due to the distillation processing. A couple companies I know of that use this process is Nordic Naturals and Carlson. I have no affiliation with either company.

I am working on a blog that compares capsule types to encase herbal and nutritional supplements and hope to have it to you soon.