Friday, December 30, 2011

Alternative Medicine In Trouble Again

1. Medical Docs are trying to get rid of their competition again. They are out to put Chiropractors and Naturopaths out of business using their usual excuse of  "danger". Talk about danger, have they looked in the mirror? The AMA was proven guilty of an illegal conspiracy against the chiropractic profession in September of 1987, and it slowed them down, BUT they have found loopholes in the law and are back at their old tricks again.  Here is a great link about what is going on. 

2. In Oregon, the Oregon Health Plan is being overhauled and although Naturopaths have been covered in the past, due to a lack of indicating their coverage in the new bill, they may no longer be covered in the future.  We need to contact the Oregon Health Authority by January 3rd to ask them to language in the bill that includes Naturopaths. You can get a brief explanation of this at the following link and can send an email from this page to ask for Naturopathic coverage. Even if you are not on the Oregon Health Plan, many people  are. Take a moment to help them.