Friday, January 6, 2012

Creating A Beautiful World

We have powerful minds. What we envision leads us toward our future.

What we envision inspires others.

So envision the world you want to live in. Envision beauty all around, tell others about it and propel yourself towards it.

Simple Steps Towards Changing Reality
The dream of a new reality is the first step towards a new reality. 

Next your dream gives birth to visions and new ideas.

What follows are plans for the future based on these visions and ideas. 

Finally, we turn these plans into physical actions.

These actions can be broken up into simple steps to get from where we are now to where we wish to be.

These simple steps allow us to create reality out of our dreams.

We are doing this every moment of our existence. 

I choose to be actively aware of where I am going and take conscious steps towards the future I envision.  The more I actively participate, the happier I am with where I am going.

How about you? Are you actively participating in creating a beautiful world? Tell me about it.