Friday, January 27, 2012

2,4-D Resistant GMO Corn

Since  Glyphosate (Round Up) is no longer working so well as a weed killer, Dow decided to add a more aggressive, more  toxic chemical to the food chain and to our environment.  That chemical is 2,4-D.  2,4-d is a constituent of "Agent Orange" owned by Dow Chemicals.  Agent Orange (half 2,4-D by composition) was extensively used in Vietnam by the military to destroy forests and crops. Dow has come up with the frightening idea to make a gentically modified version of corn that is resistant to their 2,4-D.  (They want to rake in the bucks like Monsanto has been doing.) Dow is seeking USDA approval for genetically engineered corn that will withstand 2,4-D.

Glyphosate (Round Up) has been used in the same way on genetically modified food for almost 15 years now. Creating crops that could withstand heavy use of Glyphosate, led to so much use of the chemical on  farm lands that glyphosate resistant weeds have adapted to it and are now super weeds that are not effected by the chemical any more. Glyphosate has been used so much that samples of ground water, river water, rain and air in the areas that heavily use this chemical were found to contain glyphosate in them all. Now Dow wants to add 2,4-D to the water, soil and air also.

The public has 30 more days to comment on Dow’s petition for USDA approval, and can do so online at:!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2010-0103-0001

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