Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grazing as the Best Nourishment

I tend to graze in the gardens during the summer. I take a bite of this and that as I am working outside or moving around the gardens. It may include a snow pea or a small summer squash or a handful of berries. I eat pollen and nectar from the flowers and breathe in their incredible odors. I drink dew off the leaves or guttation drops that the leaves have exuded from themselves.  I have grown to realize that this activity of grazing is a necessary part of my daily health.  I utilize nourishment from nature in ways that seem very natural and necessary, yet I was never taught to do this. How did I learn?

My body taught me.

I have always felt my body knows best what it needs to eat. When in the gardens, I let my body lead me to the most delectable goodies available.

My gardens feed me what I need. The plants are receptive to and react to my needs. In return my loving care, attention and appreciation feeds them. Spirit provides me with abundance.

I enjoy having my own little plot of land and growing my own nourishment on that land. The vegetables, fruits and herbs on the land sustain me. They provide nourishment not just for my body, but also for my soul.

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