Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Banning GMO's County by County

Does it seem like you just can't get anything done at the federal or state level as far as GMO's? Well here is a group in Jackson County (Ashland/Medford Oregon area) that  is attempting to get a county ordinance on the ballot for November that would ban the growing/cultivation of all GMO crops in Jackson County.  Syngenta, a big-ag friend of Monsanto, has been planting GMO sugar beets all over Jackson County for the past several years and not obeying the USDA regulated 4 mile distance from other beet/chard fields (it's now deregulated, so they can plant anywhere currently).  The sugar beet cross-pollinates with many other beta variety plants like Swiss Chard and this has caused quite a stir down there.  For more information, check out GMO-Free Jackson County  - and if any of you are interested in possibly putting forth a similar county measure in your area, please contact GMO Free Oregon.