Saturday, August 17, 2013

Government Trying to Control What We Feed our Infants

A woman on a federal food program called WIC (Women, Infant and Children) was seeing a Federal paid program doctor as a part of "MaineCare" ran by DHHS and mentioned she was feeding the infant raw goat milk as she could not provide enough milk. She was turned in by the physician to DHSS and almost lost her baby in the process all over feeding raw goat milk.  Link to Newspaper Story

This is what happens when the government takes over feeding you and providing your health care. They of course decide what is best for you and it is no surprise since they are supporting you. Becoming more independent of the government should be everyone's goal. Decreasing the size of our government should be a another goal. The bigger it gets the more it wants to control what we are doing. Be very careful what you tell your doctor in the future. Especially now that the IRS will be keeping all your medical records.

I suggest you find alternative practitioners and look for classes on how to take care of your own simple health care needs. Many of the really good docs are already refusing to take insurance or setting up alternative payment methods so they don't have to deal with the insurance companies. Good docs want to spend more than the 15 minutes often allotted per most visits. However, they won't get paid for it. This is why they are in a rush. This is why they do not chart well and mistakes happen from inadequate charting. 

There are many simple things you can do to stay healthy and assist your body to return to normal when you are ill. Look around your community for classes that teach you about how your body works, nutrition, herbs and health in general. Be sure they are taught by people who have your best interest in mind and they are an expert in the field they are teaching about. Ask around about them. 

This woman could have used galactagouge herbs to help increase her milk flow but I bet she did not know about them. Reading about herbs used in and after pregnancy would have helped her immensely. 

If you are curious about making infant formula when you can't make enough of your own milk, you can check out this Link to Weston Price Foundation and see what they suggest.