Friday, August 23, 2013

Monsanto's Stock Taking A Dive

Yipee, finally the news is getting out to Monsanto's stockholders that the world does not trust Monsanto and does not want their food. It is finally effecting their stocks. You can read more about it HERE.

It shows us that our constant persistence can pay off! Keep educating everyone and keep telling your stores you want non-GMO choices. The more people that refuse to buy their so called food, the less money Monsanto has and eventually they change or collapse. They already see the writing on the wall. I know a farmer in Oregon who says he supplies them with large amounts of organic certified corn seed. I have wondered over the last few years what they are up to purchasing the seed. I think perhaps they want a back-up plan for if and when they can't sell GMOs any more. It goes to show they are not so confident. Perhaps they are just trying to ride the tide as far as they can before it crashes. Then their back up plan is probably to sell "organic" which most folks will have had to change over to trying to escape the GM food. Little do they know that I don't plan to purchase either from them. Not just because I don't trust their "organic" food. I don't plan to give them one penny to come up with new ways to try to take over our food supply. There is nothing they could do that would gain my trust.