Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eco Warriors

We have all become accustomed to the activity of tree sitters. We may have friends who are tree sitters or be one our selves. We might think the activity of tree sitting in forests to protect the trees from being cut down is a new phenomenon. However it turns out that it has happened in the past. A few hundred years ago 300 of the Bishnoi people in India gave their lives to protect their trees. They each hugged a tree and refused to let the king's men chop them down. They said you must kill us to take the tree. Unfortunately the Kings men chopped 300 trees down and killed 300 people before the king heard of what was taking place. The king stopped the killing of the people and the trees in the Bishnoi's area. He made a special law to protect their trees. Today these environmental stewards of our planet live in an area that continues to be protected by Indian law. You can learn more about these Eco Warriors  at this permaculture site.