Tuesday, September 29, 2015

GMO Death Fields

Forrest Pritchard, a farmer who grew GMO's in the past, recently said, "In order for those crops to grow, it requires death on a massive scale." He was pointing out that many of the GMO crops are genetically modified to resist herbicides that would usually kill the plants. This means these herbicides are now sprayed continuously on the food you eat and the land. They are sprayed over and over and over again. He says, "You can see it from outer space. According to the USDA, this year in America alone, more than 170 million acres of corn and soybeans are in production. At a conservative estimate of 10 gallons of glyphosate (the herbicide most commonly used in conjunction with GMO crops) per acre in dilution, this translates to roughly two billion gallons of herbicide poured onto American soils this year alone. "  Read Forrest's whole article here and see the photos of dead fields awaiting planting of GMOs.

The soil on our planet can be likened to the gut of a human being. Forrest Pritchard mentions that glyphosate ends up killing off all the plants on the property except for the ones resistant to the herbicide, but you should also know it kills off the natural soil bacterial biome. Just like our gut needs bacteria for us to be healthy, the soil also needs bacteria to be healthy. According to Don Huber, a world renowned soil scientist, glyphosate (RoundUp is one of the brand name's for glyphosate and the most commonly used herbicide sprayed on GMOs.) kills off good bacteria but seems to allow some of the pathogenic bacteria to live and thrive. Do we want to destroy the digestive capacity of our planet? This is what we support every time we purchase a GMO vegetable or eat meat raised with GMOs. 

Regarding your own digestion, you might find it interesting to know that Don Huber also says glyphosate chelates minerals so they are no longer as biologically available to us when we eat the food. Therefore, when you eat food that is a GMO it will provide less minerals that are actually biologically available as they are tied up and not available for digestion. Our gut bugs also appear to be harmed by glyphosate, so GMOs are bad news for our digestion too. Additionally the GMOs that are modified to produce the insecticide called Bacillus thuringiensis also appear to alter our gut biome and possibly cause intestinal inflammation.

The GMO farmers are now able to spray much more weed killer than before. They are able to spray it to kill the weeds prior to planting and spray the whole time the plant is growing to keep the weeds killed off. Prior to the GMO era they were not able to spray glyphosate when the crop was in the ground. Now they can spray glyphosate all the year around and this is why we now have so much more glyphosate being sprayed in the USA than previously.

Realize that we now  have soy and corn resistant to the agent orange derived 2,4-D herbicide. More fall-out awaits us in the future unless we refuse to purchase these vegetables and meat grown with GMOs. You and I have the ability to stop it in its tracks by deciding what we purchase. Just purchase organic and you are voting with your dollars to end planetary destruction.

I wrote up some pertinent details on a long glyphosate review that covered 286 research articles on the hazards of glyphosate written by Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel in 2013. You can find it here.

I plan to read a more recent review of glyphosate and if it is interesting and you would like to know more (tell me below), I will write up pertinent points about that review in a coming blog for you all to read.

Please forward this to your family and friends. Please share with them why you do not eat GMOs. Purchase the book Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith and give it to them. I am providing both a book or DVD link for the book below. The book is quite a bit less expensive.