Thursday, November 5, 2015

Seriously Learning About Herbs

I have so many people ask me where they can get a serious education about herbal medicine. There are many people such as myself who offer classes from time to time, but for a long term commitment at a certified school,  Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism  is the place I send folks to.

A friend my mine, named Paul Bergner established this learning center back in 2003. In 2012, Lisa Ganora took over its leadership. The name has changed over the years which has been confusing for people. When Paul owned it, the name was North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Now it is called The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. The one thing that has not changed over the years, is the schools dedication to training new herbalists. The students leave the school with a good basic education in medical herbalism.

The  Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism offers introductory, advanced and clinical training in western herbalism and integrated nutrition in the Vitalist tradition. Their certificate programs include
Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism, Advanced Herbalism, Clinical Herbalism, Nutrition and Flower Essences.

The school's clinic serves the community while training new herbalists to use the knowledge they have learned in a real life situation. Each certified herbalist at Evergreen Center Clinic has had at least 870 classroom hours by the time they reach the clinic.

If you are seeking a serious herbal education, I whole heartedly recommend you visit this school.

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