Monday, November 9, 2015

The End of Pollution

Imagine putting a little devise on the tail pipe of your car or the smoke stack of coal burning plant  or gas vents used in refineries and all the pollutants are broken down into their atomic elements of Carbon, oxygen etc.  This would be a game changer on the face of planet earth.  

A gentleman named David G Yurth has created such a device and it is in the patenting process currently. His company is in the process of testing this device in its prototype form. The device is called a "Corona Discharge CO2 Gas Plasma Dissociation Module". You can see a photo of it at his webiste. I listened to him speak for a couple hours on this device and other inventions of his. The guy has an amazing mind and it sounds like he really may have come up with an answer to much of our pollutants. 

This proprietary plasma generating device has high speed switching units that create a fracturing field inside a pulsating chamber located within the exhaust system. The fracturing field dissociates carbon dioxide and other pollutants inside the device. The pollution never leaves the automobile or the building.

 He says this device can be fitted to every internal combustion engine and adopted to many other uses. His current testing is on automobiles and equipment with combustion engines.

As he was talking, I realized this was a big game changer and there are many companies and governments making money on the the new carbon credit/tax system implemented on the planet.  I had to wonder if folks making money on pollution will be fighting this guy. Sounds crazy right, but big business does not like you to stop them in their tracks. Any time a radical new invention comes out, it shuts down whole sectors of industry and those sectors do not go down without a fight. Some inventors have even been known to disappear or end up dead even. The interviewer brought up these questions of the David. David said he knows he is upsetting the apple cart.  He said he realized he and his company would be making some powerful enemies and has went about this process slowly and methodically. He thinks he has protected himself and the invention to some degree by his well thought out activities and connections in various industries. He feels this project will go forward. 

There is a good write-up on this subject at NewsWire.