Friday, June 1, 2012

Eating Like We Breath

This was a line I read in the book series called “The Ringing Cedar Series”. I highly recommend you read this series of books. Everyone I have given it to or recommend read it has found it enriching to their lives. The first one is called Anastasia which you can get at Amazon. 

Eating Like We Breath: I relate to this statement on two levels.

Inhaling nourishment: When I walk through my gardens and smell the air, it feels as if I am getting nourishment from the mere act of breathing in the odors that the plants are emitting. In the early summer when all the plants are blooming and exhaling their wondrous oxygen and voluptuous vapors into the air, I feel heady with glee. As I breath in their vapors I am  filled with a boundless happiness. My emotional being is nourished. I don’t need to ingest these plants to have their constituents become part of my body and effect my brain. The mere act of breathing in the plant vapors affects my brain, my mind, and goes directly to the heart of my soul. I feel filled with nourishment and my being is completely satiated by the act of breathing deeply.

Eating without effort: Additionally, this statement means my eating should be as effortless as my breathing. It should be something my body does as second nature. This comes back to the act of browsing I mentioned in a prior blog. When I browse in the gardens, I am not thinking of what I want to eat or what I need to eat. My body is drawn to an exceptional looking fruit or a beautiful looking bean beckons me to nibble on it. This type of eating is very much as effortless as breathing. I believe this is the way we were meant to eat. We were meant to eat like we breath.