Friday, June 29, 2012

Stop Monsanto from Putting a Rider on the Ag Bill

I am too busy on my farm to write much this time of year, BUT I can't ignore this: Monsanto has convinced congress to add a rider to the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations bill that would end judicial review of approvals of new genetically engineered crops.

If this rider (Sec. 733) isn't removed, organic and non-GMO farmers will lose their access to the court system and they'll have no recourse when the U.S. Department of Agriculture illegally approves new genetically engineered crops that threaten to contaminate their fields and seed supplies.

Monsanto's sneak attack is a response to successful lawsuits brought by the Center for Food Safety on behalf of organic and non-GMO farmers and seed growers that have attempted to block planting of genetically engineered sugar beets and alfalfa while the USDA conducted a court-ordered review of the dangers of contamination.

A vote on an amendment offered by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) to strike Monsanto's rider from the appropriations bill was expected this week, but will likely be delayed until after the July 4th recess. Let's use this time to spread the word and send tens of thousands of letters to Congress! 

Click here to tell your congress person to support the DeFazio amendment to remove this provision from the Ag Appropriations bill.